Guild Wars Change Suggestions

I don’t think that would work at all. I have 2-3 teams for each color of day, one that counters famine would do badly against a Kraken/Kerberus. My anti-famine team will have no chance against a devour team.

But as it is, lose any one battle means you lose the points for battle 5. You don’t lose the points for battle 1 unless you lose all 5. If it was changed where you fight battle 1-5 no matter if one is lost will result in closer daily/week battles which in turn makes every point more valuable.

This is the same way game shows are run to keep them exciting.

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Look… Everyone wants to scream for fairness. So in the interest of fairness lets say this…

Player a loses battles 1 and 2 but wins 3, 4, and 5

Player b wins all 5 battles

Player b ends with 6300 points

Player a ends with 5600 points

How is it fair that player lost 2 battles but scored almost as many points? Why would i put in the effort to win all 5 battles when i can lose 2 and still get almost full score…

If this gets implemented i will boycott GW entirely which will possibly result in me quitting GoW…



Another suggestion

-put justice league as default in defense team for everyone and forever i want more please bring us more, we never got enough

Edit: also put this defense team in every mode by default, i want to see it in guild war, arena, explore, pvp and story mode.

Edit 2: also please change the background when we log in, i want to see the justice league instead.


Yeah, I would prefer harder fights, but without the punishing scoring.

Limiting troop choices on defense is a bad idea though. It will lead to even more repetitive battles.

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Serious Question - Is any real logic/thought put into Event Choices?

Why GW scoring is so frustrating

Come to think of it, why is the Paragon the person who had the best offensive score? Shouldn’t it really be the person who had the best defense team the week before? I mean, they’re the one doing most of the defending…

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I’m not sure why the reward curve was made to be jagged. It should be as smooth as possible. Then each place would give slightly different rewards.

That’s an argument for changing the scoring method actually.

I’ve argued elsewhere for flat points per GW battle, with the difficulty going up for each one.

I like guild wars and I like that it is no easy quest… and it should be no easy quest… guild wars is for the guild and not for individuals.

  • the whole guild should count

  • Monday as rest and prepare day is ok

Many People are not happy with the rewards, why not pay into a bracket-pot on monday, which pays out at the end of the week, multiplied be the successful days won. The first in the bracket gets the most rewards the last one gets nothing or just a bit. So every bracket can have individual gem, gold, glory rewards, and if you are in a low bracket, with 7 inactive guilds you can spend much and win much, with higher brackets it will become tougher by it self.

  • ressource pots for every bracket

With weekly buffs included, like it is, you just face every week often the same teams.
I think some people cry too fast, if they are not able to find a counter Team

  • I would not limit the number of same cards in a team, but I would support a defense color bonus raising defense stats and a stat-Bonus for different defense cards.
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Just a few of my cents. Just ideas, no solutions:

  • Incentives to diversify defense teams (perhaps, follow same rules as offense?)
  • More variety in offense bonus points. Limit to a few kingdoms, race/type alliances, mixed colors, ultra rare highest base rarity, max 1 of each rarity, each mana color only once, exclude color(s). Hell I would even very much like it if once in a while guild wars would be Arena style. Just a few ideas from the top of my mind. And probably some ideas lingered from reading here earlier.
  • Only count Top 25 - 27 players. It’s hard enough to start each week with 30.
  • Brackets of 7. You all get to play each other.
  • Play matches any time before the end of the guild wars week (or weeks). Don’t give daily victory bonus each day but rewards at the end of the week.

Why would the difficulty increase if the points do not

I don’t really have the solutions, but I do know this. Forcing us to use mono-color decks is counter productive. It promotes finding the cheesiest decks for each color and playing that.

I suggest making rotating rules, sort of like how the event week makes different troops more powerful each week.

I like how Hearthstone does Arena… The rules can be crazy, sometimes it’s constructed decks, some times it’s preconstructed decks… Sometimes you get to use cards you dont have… Something like that would be fun.

During your play testing, ask your self this “Does playing guildwars seem like a full time job”… If the answer is yes, then try something else. I’m glad you stopped it. It was fun the first few weeks, but it because monotonous and unfun.

I liked Guild Wars, however the main issues I see with it is that only the largest guilds who have been sitting in the top 10 are dominiting GW. Say what you want but the top spots are damn near impossible to reach if you are a smaller guild. Fubar Snafu is in the 140 bracket and we’ve been pretty much holding the mid 80’s for the past several weeks. We go up and down but pretty much stay in the same spot.

I think you need to find a different way to do the rewards system. Honestly the biggest thing that I think that needs to be done is kill the statue percentage bonus and put all guilds on the same playing field. To be brutally honest I doubt very much if my guild will ever have the same bonuses that they currently have. They have the man power and have the sway to have players who are extremely active to where a lot of us have players who still think if this as a game to go have fun for a bit then log off and do something else. Because of that these top guild will always take the top spots which isn’t a true a match up, its simply a larger guild with more bonuses applying it’s might.

What about the lower lvl players? If they can’t beat a soldier forcing them to fight the paragon is cruel! Better they try to beat another soldier! (Like it is right now)

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Removing my suggestion.

I would suggest just poaching the guild wars system from Summoner’s War (this disgustingly cash grabby game that actually did guild wars correctly). Allow people to choose who they fight in the war (stronger players will be more inclined to fight stronger enemies to allow lower levels to fight low levels), and the more you defeat an enemy, the less they are worth. A player cannot repeat to attack the same defense. This allows everybody to contribute and it still forces you to fight every defense an equal number of times (to maximize points for your guild).


I’m reading most of the suggestion and I’m like “gods it’s bad enough already, please, just leave it as it is”.

Just give us a separate battle log and up the rewards. And please please please don’t add any more restrictions or complications!


Thank you @Versheenah one of the few voices of reason around here


I think you mean it forces you to use cards you otherwise wouldnt… So it requires effort and planning which is too much to ask i assume…


Here’s a suggestion :
Guild war defence teams aren’t affected by weekly buffs。
ALL I can see defence teams are PSION+FAMINE or WEEKLY BUFF TEAM ,it’s Boring ,Disgusting !

What I want to see is that there is a place for players to BULIT defence teams.
Hope to see the change !