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Serious Question About Zuul'Goth

Zuul’Goth’s ability:

How does this thing not kill the entire enemy team? It appears to be a Black Hole or something. I mean, it looks like it could destroy an entire planet, yet it somehow singles out just ONE enemy? In fact, how is it not killing my team too? Just what’s going on in this picture…

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Drunk Post?


Feels like that. Doesn’t it? I guess @igniteice had a busy weekend and is now having a fun time.

Abhorath’s spell is called “Devour the World” and it shows him eating a planet.

Why doesn’t this make him devour all troops :laughing:


Devour The World should eliminate all troops (except Abhorath) from the entire roster of every GoW player, whether or not they’re in the middle of a battle!
Then, everyone has to start over with just one troop, Abhorath. That troop would have incredibly, ridiculously huge stats from having devoured all other troops, but only for the last player to cast Devour The World.

(Good luck with the logistics.)



That would be the case and you would be right if it was Annihilation.

This is Annihil-i-ation. See, Zuul is using a fake and cheap version of the spell, not the real deal. So it seems to kinda work, but it actually fizzles before annihilating everything.


I can’t believe I didn’t see (or had forgotten about?) this until just now.

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Oh my gosh… I just realized this too.


That extra i… why is it there?!


It’s like regular annihilation, but with a bit of extra humiliation (for the enemy or the spell writer? :thinking:).

This is the real serious question this thread was made for :sweat_smile:


While we are at it: I demand full fire annihilation rites for poor little forgotten Pixie- her so called burning wings - she hardly strikes a single match - fairy lovers unite and give PIXIE the POWER of burning out a team- I 'm thinking an infinity of fire strikes ; why stop at a miserable half a dozen like Mambasira & Lasher

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so where did you hear about this word “Annihil-i-ation” from cos i don’t quite understand your explanation

That’s how it’s spelled in Zuul’Goth’s spell.

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I seem to remember (probably ages ago) that @Nimhain mentioned in a dev stream that a particular troop had a mistake in the spell text that had never been fixed and was left so until somebody noticed it. Maybe this is it? :thinking: