Seeking 2 High Rollers!

-=GiB=- GamersInBrotherhood Rank #28 Guild Wars Bracket #2

We are a very active dedicated guild, without all the demands of most top 50 guilds!
My members are loyal and most do much more then the minimum requirements.
Not because they have to but because they want to!

If your looking to step up to a dedicated guild or step down because your sick of gems feeling like a chore then -=GiB=- would be perfect for you. My members are very social, helpful and friendly.

Looking for 2 strong players who can at least achieve the following:
( Gold: 522K ) ( Seals: 1500 ) ( Trophies: 300 )

Participation in all Guild Events is required! Raid Boss, Invasion and Guild Wars.
Sentinels: Are optional but at least level 1 on each is recommended.
Just do your best and plenty of help is always available!

If interested, reply or message me here. But for fastest
response message me directly on Xbox RipclaW GiB

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