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-=GiB2=- Recruiting Need 5

GamersInBrotherhood2 Rank #170 Guild Wars Bracket #7

Are you in a guild were hardly anyone does anything but you?
No one talks in chat or provides help?
Then come join -=GiB=- we have friendly helpful members
that are happy to answers questions and improve your skills.

Need 5 players who can at least achieve the following:
( Gold: 100K ) ( Seals: 1500 ) ( Trophies: 100 )

Participation in all Guild Events is required! Raid Boss, Invasion and Guild Wars.
Sentinels: Are optional but at least level 1 on each is recommended.
Just do your best and plenty of help is always available!

If interested, reply or message me here.
But for fastest response message me
directly on Xbox RipclaW GiB

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