Dedicated Guild G.i.B. Ranked #50 Recruiting

Are you an active player and want to be a part of a top 100 guild? Then come and join the Gamers in Brotherhood. Everyone is welcome to join us if they can meet our simple minimum requirements.

We have a few slackers in the guild so there’s a few slots open.** UPDATE 5/8 ** Have two spots looking to fill.

We currently have all masteries at 52 + and provide a Master 1 200% daily bonus.

Minimum Requirements:

1,333 seals weekly required

100 Trophies is a goal for each member right now

100k in gold is a goal for each member right now.

Join our Xbox Club: Gems Of War GamersinBrotherhood for easy communication between members and to keep up with guild news.

Add our guild leader RipclaW Gib to your Xbox friends, again for ease of communication.

If we are a guild that sounds right for you feel free to get in contact with us. You can leave a message here but for the fastest response feel free to message me on xbox, my gamer tag on there is the same as here FeuerWolfe or you can contact our guild leader RipclaW GiB directly and send him your invite code. We’re both available to answer any questions you have.