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Score after a Wars battle gone in a flash

There is no score shown on the screen for points won in Guild Wars after the battle. Only the gross score for battles to date is available via the attack screen.
The bottom of the ‘Victory’ screen has my Guild name and 20,857 (varies) which does not seem to relate to any current score values.

edit - I have just noticed that the score does actually flash up for a nano second next to the “20,857” number - then disappears.

iOS - iPad


I changed your title to reflect your edit. I agree that the points for the battle need to be on the screen for longer.

Well I wouldn’t call it completely solved as the score pre 3.1 was presented and remained on the screen after the war. I have re - amended the title.

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It’s a bit redundant(that info is elsewhere), instead of my weekly total, just put up the score for that particular match.

I agree that the battle score disappears too quickly. It would be great if the Guild Wars “Attack!” screen showed the individual battle scores as well as the daily score.

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