Points display: backwards? misleading? wrong?

An excerpt from the “Schedule” screen I saw yesterday:

Why is that middle one a loss? 12K is more than 8K. Or is it displayed backwards, “them vs. us” instead of the “us vs. them” of the win lines? Or is the daily win / loss judgement based on something more than these points shown? Or is there some bug here?

The extra points were gained AFTER that specific day :slight_smile:


It happens when players fight matches later in the week. The win/loss is determined based on the score at the end of that day. But if anyone from either guild has any matches left and fights them after the day is already over, the score gets updated. But the win/loss doesn’t change, since it was already used to give out daily rewards (seals and bonus xp).

So in your screenshot, your guild must have had fewer than 8,147 points at the end of day #2 and somebody fought more matches against that guild the next day or later to earn more points by the end of the week.

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Oh. Hmm. That makes sense for the points but it seems like there should be something to indicate that. Not that I can think of what that might be. The whole “fight your matches later” thing has never really made sense to me anyway.

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It makes sense in the way that those points still count towards your bracket. Just not the days battle. At least this is what I know to be correct.

Its just poor display design.

  1. Every row listed should contain the daily war, and when its over points are locked at the end of the day. Making it nice and clear for the participants.
  2. There needs to be a new line containing all points gained for the Guild over the week (daily wars + Late war players + early war players*)

*New Feature (to be able to play battles ahead)


i look at it that way:

  • the points displayed are the total points of those guilds regardles when earned.

  • the information about daily war status and result is displayed with the icon on the right, just the icon thats all to it

if you realise these two are separate subject it wont be so confusing. i understand ppl may want to know what was the state of points upon deciding daily war victory/defeat but i think its not really a necessity, its more a luxury that we simply dont have for now