[Known Issue] Guild Wars Still Bugged

Platform, device version and operating system:

PC Mobile

Screenshot or image:

It’s not possible to find this image in the game as GW scoring is not reported properly.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

We were told after the November 2021 GW debacle that the scoring bugs were fixed. Guild Wars was postponed in December 2021 as a result and returned in January 2022. In February 2022 we were stopped from winning B1 on PC/Mobile by a bug where a players score was not credited. Although the score in the game will show your score, the points when bugged do not count. As a result at the end of Guild Wars missing scores can be found as not every single battle will be counted.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Every single guild war.

This bug has been around since Guild Wars began. It lessened after fixes in December 2021 but re-emerged occasionally. As an example the Battlecrasher Crowns and Reset to cap them, broke Guild Wars again.

The outlier is it doesn’t matter when you play Guild Wars, if it wants to bug it will.

Since the 7.0 update this has returned with a vengeance. Whatever you’ve done to the game to fix Underspire reset issues has increased the frequency of the score bug.

We have to use external sites to actually see this bug, here you are.

This score was reduced to a 3/2 and the player lost 3,268 points, yet in game it showed him as 9518 points but only 6250 were counted.

Only 899 of our battles counted - but we lost 3,268 points.


We were bugged on this player who was only credited with 27 wins instead of 28.

At least 2 other guilds could have been impacted upon during this GW.

I can’t supply data before September, due to it not being cross referenceable. Our own investigations reveal we were bugged in all the guild wars since April 2023 in some way or another.

Steps to make it happen again

Play Guild Wars

This bug is effecting guild wars as it is anything, and all guilds are not immune to it. It has been reported many times, but it is now worse due to the Underspire issue (or at least since it occurred).

The bug reports have been ignored over and over again but it’s now so bad that it’s almost broken.

Please investigate and communicate a response to the community. There are other bugs as well, but incorrectly recording scores in a game mode reliant on scoring, is an epic fail of that game mode.


I just got informed today that one of our senior programmers is working on this issue at the moment. Will update with any further news once we have a fix.


Excellent news

Please keep us updated if you can.