Sand Shark ability bug

What us supposed to happen:
Sand Shark’s skill says “deal 5 damage to random enemy…”

What is happening:
Sand Shark attacks himself, allies, and sometimes not attacking at all.

In pvp battles.

When activating ability.

How often:
He rarely attacks the enemy and mostly just attacks self, allies, or nothing.

We are aware of this bug and will have a fix out shortly

oh cool, thanks.

I was just about to add that he’s doing it in regular matches too.

Can he devour himself? lol

I haven’t seen him do it (yet).

devour happens pretty infrequently though. maybe once in 4 matches and never when battling opponents of much higher rank/lvl. was thinking about counting every activation and running the statistics myself to see if it’s really 25%, but then I do that all day at work so meh lol