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What is happening with Sand Shark?

When sand shark is in a battle he has a boost value of 1:1 but nothing in his spell to describe what is being boosted or boosted by what.

I have noticed that the boost seems to be linked to his starting attack value, in one fight it was +60 and another I equipped 3x season medals and the boost went to +72 (though if I click on and off the screen a few times it goes from 72 to 74 and back again).

It might just be me but it seems like he’s devouring more often… Anyone else experiencing the same?


Something weird is going on…

This is in Arena. Sand Shark has used ability twice and has devoured my troops twice in a row. Now look at Boost. It says +5. What?

But wait! If I close it and open it again…

Now it says +6. What does that mean!? It says 25% chance to devour. It doesn’t say it’s boosted by anything. And why does it keep changing between 5 and 6 boost? What does that even mean?


Yeah thats what I meant! Use him in a team outside arena and his boost is huge. Its based off of starting attack power, not current attack.

Just tried him out in cpvp. Here’s a weird one:

Moa stunned him and the boost disappeared:

Boost returns on cleanse:

Then he got stunned again (thanks Moa :roll_eyes:) but this time still has a boost:



Wow, this needs to be a Bug Report post. There’s good amount of proof to show to the devs as well. Thanks for pointing it out. @Cairnso