Running Of The Bulls


Unfortunately no. The developers have know its a player concern that spending 45 or 55 Ingots makes your weapon worse than keeping the ingots… But Weapon Perks are completely out of their hands as they have been outsourced to the “RNG Pick-A-Perk Robo Dev” shareware Beta app :wink:


Just to make you feel weirder…
Tauros is the Hannibal of the Wild Plains :rofl:


Technically speaking leather can be made from any animal hide. We tend to make it from bovines because they have a lot of skin, which means it’s easier to make big pieces. They’re also domesticated, which makes it easier to make a lot of leather at once.

The sacrifice doesn’t surprise me, humans don’t even need religious festivals to celebrate slaughtering each other. All we need is a reason why the people we killed “don’t count” as humans. Example: they live in the wrong country, or were born to the wrong parents, or looked at us funny, or we needed to foster deep-seated hatred that would result in a future insurgent cell so we have continued reason to build armaments to do it again.

In this case it is likely there’s something like the scenario in Wicked: Tauros are “Animals”, sentient beings. The festival cow is an “animal”, a being with no or limited consciousness that hasn’t been deemed the bearer of a soul. Most cultures only consider a killing “murder” if a being with a soul is losing its life. Definitions of “having a soul” vary to suit individual agendas.


So it’s like Mickey Mouse having a house cat.


Ugh don’t get me started, like, PLUTO AND GOOFY ARE BOTH DOGS


The description on Tauros does lean towards that he’s wearing something bovine…

It was a light hearted joke by all means and not sure if it required that much analogy :expressionless:


I am tempted to get you started… :blush:


OK OK here’s something else mind-blowing:

You know why Huey, Dewey, and Louie were left with Scrooge McDuck?

Donald Duck joined the Navy in WW2. This is confirmed by many things, including some Disney comics where DD experiences PTSD-like symptoms, such as flashbacks when he hears fireworks. He had a rank of Sargeant, and was honorably discharged.


There is also that episode where he dreams about working on a german ammo factory.


Out of all the derailed thread topics, this is my favorite.

Now back on topic

I like sacred cow being a sacrifice for the sake of buffing a team instead of damage as outside of well, sacrifice, we don’t really have that.

The raid troop is a welcome addition and has a very useful effect both in and out of raids unlike a certain bowvine from the kingdom.


To honor the tradition


I like the prospects of pairing it with “summon on death” hero talents. Some exploitable death + summon loop is the key we need to unlock Gargantaur as the strongest mythic.

I’m thinking like, Jar of Eyeballs, the cow, maybe something like Arachnaean Weaver, Gargantaur.


Ok you went too far this time, i’ll have to use an exclusive:


Ok so killing purple enemies is the snotstone event for this week. Why the hell did I just kill about 10 damn Bandits in 1 match and get 0 snotstones?



I think you answered your own question.

(In seriousness I have no idea, maybe file a bug?)


Maybe it’s because they robbed you?


Event is “Bulls”
The troop is called Sacred “Cow”
Cows are not bulls
Cows are female
Flavor text refers to it as a male



It is udderly ridiculous.


I think Festival Cow might be inspired by domestic yak in Tibet. They are related to both cattle and bison.



Is Festival Cow meant to be used with Hyena and Winged Bison? To free up some slots for summoning.