Rune and letter emojis allow you to bypass the censor

With more and more letters and runes you can do this:

It do not bother me personally, I think swear words are the part of the language and censor sometimes catches harmless words too, but may have legal consequences.


Could be problematic, so thanks for pointing stuff out for everyone that didn’t realise the “potential” behind it until now. :wink:

For the greater good! :rofl:

This feels like that moment when someone shown me how I could write words on a calculator in school :joy:


And just like that - the letter emoji packs became best sellers.

iOS users be like :brown_square: :brown_square: :brown_square: :brown_square: :brown_square: :brown_square:


The word police is pointless when youve got troops with “Cock” in their name :joy:

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People will always find ways to bypass the censor and do it if they choose to. Mostly by spelling those words slightly differently. Has always happened.