Rocket League, anyone?

With the new season on Rocket League starting tomorrow, I’d like to find some new folks to play competitive 2’s with. I’m not much of a 3’s player, I think it is too chaotic.

I play on PC AND PS4, so if you’d like to run some games leave your tag/Steam and I’ll be sure to add ya.

Are you still playing this game or looking for the squad? Well, I also want to play my games in the multiplayer mode with friends, but I do not play my games on the gaming console as I used to play on the PC. Previously, my elder brother used to play this soccer video game on his PS, he inspired me to have this one. Well, other than this I also like to play GTA 5, Destiny 2 but I used to play as a solo gamer and looking for someone to join. Grand theft auto 5 is an action-adventure video game that can be played on the various gaming platforms. Playing any game with other members is like one can extract more fun and entertainment in life. Do you like to play an adventure video game? If yes, then you can check this to have more games like GTA 5. I choose PC as the gaming platform because one can play any type of video game easily in it.