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Looking for some gaming friends on PS4

I am currently playing Gems of War, Guns Up and Battle Ages…

And will be playing the new battlefield when it comes out.

I mainly play strategy games if that is what you can call them nowadays. And I need a couple of online friends that are playing Guns Up to finish a new trophy. I like to 100% games I play unless they super suck.

Wish I could help out. You play my type of games. Alas Xbox.

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I tried Guns Up but really couldn’t get into it.

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Well luckily the last trophy I need is to attack three friends, so nothing is required from the other players. I just like to 100% my games because it feels like I got my money worth.

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Are you in a guild? We’re ranked 37 and are looking for another active member.

I used to play guns up but had a vacation and couldnt gt back into it w all the new content rekking my base 'plan and pvp was so dull