Riverford Rank 31 recruiting. Just 400K a week required 🔮⚔️🛡❤️


Looking to join a top ranked guild and can easily donate 400K gold a week then this is the Guild for you.

Looking for more active players to join the guild - who can meet the gold requirement each week to complete all the tasks.

I don’t have a seal or trophy requirement just the gold. If everyone contributes at least thst then we should complete all tasks and a few Legendary some weeks.

We have a Facebook page called Gems of War - Riverford which you are free to join, not mandatory, where members share troop ideas, suggestions etc…

I joined the game 2.5 years ago and love playing it but don’t want it to feel like a job hitting all sorts of different targets - just gold to keep the bonuses to Stats

If you feel the same then let’s hear from you - I have some spaces open.


Currently 5 spaces open, possibly more as I get rid of non active users.