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* Rising Phoenix Guild Now Recruiting Members *

As the topic says, Rising Phoenix Guild is Now Recruiting New Members.

We need Active Players who actually login and play the game frequently.
We don’t have stiff rules for how much you need to contribute or your member level.
We’ll even accept new players. But do take notice that we want ACTIVE Players.
Tire kickers that rarely login, need not apply. We just cleaned the Guild out and got rid
of inactive players and are looking for Active Players that would like to enjoy the
benefits of and Active Guild who also want to help our Guild move up the Ranks
in the League.

Although we don’t have stiff rules for how much you need to contribute weekly, remember
that ALL contributions help the ENTIRE Guild, so contribute Gold when you can. However,
if you can’t contribute gold for whatever reason that’s okay, I personally contribute 50K+ weekly
myself so tasks will still be getting completed even if you can’t contribute your gold.

We are currently 463 in the League with 11,300 trophies under our belt. We have come
from 3500+ and 0 Trophies, so we ARE Rising!

By Joining the Rising Phoenix Guild, You will enjoy +15 on Nature (Green) Mastery
and +14 on ALL other Masteries! We ALL work Together to upgrade all Masteries.
If you want a SPECIFIC Mastery upgraded, just mention it in our Guild Chat and we
will work towards upgrading that Mastery for you.

Just reply here with your invite code and I will personally invite you.

Happy Gaming!