Rework rng for legendary/mythic drops

One very good thing that was in hearthstone rng. was chance to get legendary card.
when you open booster pack you have a chance to get legendary. if you don’t get it you will have increased chance to get legendary from next pack. up to 40th pack.
so if you are super unlucky and didn’t got legendary in first 39 packs.
you have 100% chance to get legendary in 40th pack. after that counter is reseted

similar thing would be awesome in this rng.

for example. glory keys.
you have 0.5% chance to get legendary in first chest. i you don’t get it then next chest will have chance of 1%.
same with mythics.
0.1% chance to get mythic. so after opening 1000 gem chests you have guaranteed mythic drop.

I remember when I got my first mythic.
I was about lvl 50-60.
Of course I was happy, but in chat I saw people who are lvl 200 and didn’t had any mythics yet.

Saw people in chat who were level 200 without a mythic. I was over level 600 when I got my first mythic :sweat_smile:

I like the idea. However they’ve said there’s going to be a crafting system put in place after the next patch. Haven’t specified what you can craft though. Could be troops. Could be stones. Could be something entirely different.

I think if after the next patch is out and we know whether we can craft troops or not, this is a good way to go about things.

The numbers would have to be sorted better though because 1000 gem chests for a mythic would allow some people to be getting a mythic a month.

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