Rework Abhorath for Sacrificial Priest

With the summoning change allowing traits, I think Abhorath’s legendary trait should be reworked to be better suited for Sacrificial Priest. Instead of Abhorath’s Sacrifice trait doing +3 to all stats when an enemy dies, it should be changed to +2 to all stats when anything dies. That way Sacrificial Priest using Sacrifice will trigger Abhorath’s Sacrifice every time it is used on an ally.


Actually seeing as they are reworking summoning the summon of abhorath is going to be really powerful.

Except “Life Drain” trait on any enemy means they can’t be killed by Sacrificial Preist’s damage :frowning:

The Preists damage is applied, then “Life Drain” kicks in, even if that enemy has zero remaining health …


So it’s a minor counter… but an enemy left on 4HP is hardly a threat… and Life Drain is a rubbish trait otherwise, nice to see it have some kind of use…