Sacrificial Priest, not completely sacrifying


Sometimes, when I summon/sacrifice a couple times, Sacrificial Priest will not fully sacrifice a card : the card will die, but not disappear (it graphically remains on the board, but when I click it, it has 0 health).

It may look like it’s only a graphical bug, but then, I can sacrifice the half-dead troop. It won’t add it’s attack to the spell damage, but it won’t remove it either, unless it is replaced by an Abhorath.

I have a screen shot on my phone, but I’m too lazy to retreive it from it, so if I can reproduce it on Steam, I might upload it later on…

Edit : Here it is.
This was my initial team.
Then I sacrificed Mercy and got an Abhorath. When I sacrified Abhorath, I saw Mercy back (but unusable, except as target for Sacrificial Priest)


Mercy did not want to leave you.


That’s what you get. Murderer.



Mercy forgot to delete her internet history so she cam back to life to finish what she started.


No need to sacrifice her all at once…


We’ve just pushed out an update (Steam & Mobile) which fixes some of the Sacrificial Priest problems you may have seen (you may need to exit & reload to see the fixes take effect):

  • Abhorath always being level 1 (actually that got fixed 12 hours ago)
  • Abhorath returning the dead troop underneath him to life
  • Sacrifice being stopped by barrier
  • Graphical glitches involving active spells on the sacrificed troops

As mentioned above, we have some nice changes to Summoning happening in 2.0, mainly fixing things so that summoned troops receive various bonuses that other troops have in the battle, as well as access to levels higher than 15 & traits!

Sacrificial priest teams

Please let this be the first video they make for the preview of the combat update.


Sirrian already said it will be covered in the first video.