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Revolutionary thought

lol we really now enter in the world record of stupidity…congrats!

If you cant understand that my point is to say that tons of companies in Australia have working hours the week end (and obviously not only hospitals) so this IP2 should also be able to do it.
Well if you cant even understand that, its probably better to just stop writing to me and make more fool of yourself than you already made.


You able to understand, yes? me able to soon throw little banana as reward?

Congrats, You get the reward for most ridiculous SHQ today! RiverSong was spot on. The argument you made was utterly stupid.

The amount of downtime this weekend was incredibly minimal. Not only that, I got a cliffy error during a GW battle, OH NO WHAT HAPPENED? Nothing happened actually, the game restarted and I had won the battle. It never happened again. In fact I don’t believe in all the reported cases in our network did it actually affect a battle or cause mass hysteria. Even if it did, crap happens, and it happens in TONS of mobile games.

Apparently you don’t play other mobile games. I do, and I play a lot of other P2W as a F2P. Most are way more predatory than this game. You should try different games to see for yourself before coming in here with your uneducated assessments of how F2P should and do work.

You all need to get a damn life. The only way you would make a difference is by quitting outright. But we all know that would be taking a high road none of you know how to remotely find.


I look the interest of the customers, yes. They ask for money with flash offers and events during the weekends. They have to be present also the weekend to make sure everything is running smooth.
Its not the problem of the customers to know how they will manage that. Its their own problem to solve.

lol no indeed. If you still have not understand that mobiles are not meant to have video games, too bad for you. Maybe in a few years you will understand.
And yeah, I am not surprised you play many other F2P games. good for you. Have lots of fun with them!

ohh about the little comment about medicals, its called irony. I know…not easy to understand. The main point of what I wrote still hold perfectly correct. Tons of companies have work hours in the week end in Australia, not only hospitals or police. Now any valid arguments to tell me?

hmmmm just to be sure…all your capacity of answer was pointing my little ironic last line and ignore all the 95% of my arguments? wow! Im impressed.

You missed the subtlety of my comment. You have no argument, which is why it was not addressed. Not surprised you’re impressed. Doesn’t seem like it would take much.

weird! I have selected in the setting to Ignore all your post but I still have the option “view 1 hidden asnwer” that appear when you write to me directly.
Someone maybe know if there is an option to really completely ignore a user so I will not endure anymore the extremely subtle post of Riversong?

So while Im at it… Its you who brang zero argument my poor.
My argument was clear: tons of companies in Australia have week end hours works, this game run 24/7, therefore nothing more logical than having staff working also the week end to make sure the game run smoothly. Difficult to make a more clear argument than that…yet you didnt even manage to see it. Strange.
Now I still wait your own 1st argument on the subject.


Please remain civil or this thread will be locked.

I wanted to shed light on this issue which is why I posted earlier. It’s not as simple as it looks, and at this time we are unable to hire enough people to work weekends to make this viable. It is not an option to have enough of our current staff on a rotating schedule due to their family lives, or for other circumstances. We can’t amend their contracts to force them to do this, as it is illegal and highly unethical.

You are all welcome to your opinions but I am letting you know that this isn’t viable for us at this time, and won’t be changing in the near future.

I understand your frustration and I have spoken with the team. We will see what can be done to stabilize servers.


It’s just… odd… that people claimed Gems of War was doing great over all metrics with each update adding more train mechanic while apparently canceling any project/chance of addressing issues that have been plaguing the game for long periods of time.

I’m not sure if the devs/publisher can actually understand how a poor quality service/product will reflect on their profits, but maybe in the next campaign or so people will keep their wallets closed if they simply can’t play the game they are paying for.


We just received 50 gems as compensation for server issues. Thanks for acknowledging it, devs.

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I am a game supporter. It’s just more professional if a 24/7 game has a 24/7 support. I understand Australian labour law, but IP2 can hire someone from 12 hours behind/ahead countries too so they can provide support 24/7. This is not a new idea.


Play some other games. Most games you would consider 24/7 do not have 24/7 support. There are exceptions and this or course depends on the size of the game but in the mobile F2P gacha genre most are not even close to 24/7. MSF (marvel strike force) and raid shadow legends are two gigantic games much larger than gems and I’ve had support tickets go ignored for weeks, some never getting responses.

Assuming gems is bigger than it is and also assuming it requires weekend support or 24/7 support is ridiculous. As stated in another thread by kafka, they do come in on off hours for game breaking situations. But there is no need to be there 24/7 for minor stuff.

Not even in the medical profession does this occur. It’s called being on call, and in emergencies you get called in, but otherwise you are free.

It’s like talking to a lot of Karen’s here. Just one step away from you all asking to see the manager(505) about these issues.