Revamp Arena to give another path to Mythic troop

After winning Arena in ultra-Rare have as a reward an Epic Arena ticket. After collecting say 3 Epic Arena Tickets you can play an Epic Arena match. An Epic Arena match will let you chose a random Epic troop, Rare troop, and Common troop. Then when Epic Match is won you get a Legendary Arena ticket as a reward, you also get the option to purchase that Epic troop. Then after you get say 4 Legendary Arena Tickets you can play a Legendary match. You can choose a random Legendary troop, Rare troop, and Common. And if you win you get option to buy that Legendary troop and a Mythic Arena ticket. Then after collecting 5 Mythic tickets you can play Mythic match. You get to choose from 3 different Mythics then if you win you get to purchase that Mythic. Using this method, if played and win maximum Arena matches a day the player would get a chance to get a Mythic every 20 days or so. You can also use Epic Arena tickets as treasure gnome treasures. I don’t think it would take that much programing to implement. You would need to add Epic, Legendary, and Mythic Arena tickets to Player inventory. You would have to create a screen when you first enter the Arena that lets the player choose which level arena match they want to enter (if they have the tickets for it). Then change the first troop choice to be Ultra-Rare, Epic, Legendary, or Mythic depending on the arean level they are playing.


That would certainly give a boost to arena play, most people in my guilds (probably everyone actually) dont play arena…

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Ancient of Screwarena indeed :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue::vulcan_salute:

I’d also like to see arena be reworked. It’s a great idea in theory (make everybody compete on a level playing field), but is really only good for new players due to the prominence of so many bad troops, and how time-consuming the runs are.

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The base cost for buying your three Arena picks, a common, rare and ultra-rare troop, is currently 30 gems. For 30 gems you could also buy 3 gems keys, netting you 3 ultra-rare or better loot items. This is intentional, the opportunity cost of seeing what you will get has been explained to be worth roughly a 100% price hike.

The chance of pulling a mythic from gem keys is roughly 1:1000, worth 10k gems. Factoring in that you see which mythic you would get, the purchase option would be 20k gems, possibly discounted by 10% to 18k gems if they are feeling generous. I’m having some doubts there are many Arena players around who could afford such a purchase.

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1:What’s the cost for a mythic?
2:what’s the point of soulforge?
3:It takes about 30days to craft a mythic from soulforge so what’s the difference and which one would turn obsolete?

This suggestion will never get implemented.
Developers hate to give away stuff and they will just say that such a thing isn’t sustainable for them because of money. We can ONLY expect further nerfs, without getting a single higher benefit.

If they implement the same or similar system you thought of, you will only get to choose a Mythic card, then you will have the Flash Offer instead, offering you to buy that specific Mythic troop for 35€/$ instead of getting it after you pull one from the Chests.

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That’s the current price tag on legendary cards, mythic cards would obviously cost ten times as much, because they are ten times as rare.

That is a very unfair statement for you to claim that developers hate to give anything away.

If that were true they wouldn’t have the daily login calendar where they give free resources including gold, keys, and gems away, they have even done vip keys.

In my experience IP2 has given away far more resources for free then any f2p game that I know of.

Please fact check things before making such a bold statement as that is absolutely not the case at all.

You are reading that statement too literally. Someone is responsible for making sure the game runs a profit. That person hasn’t ever made a mythic available for sale, because the value of such a mythic is considered so high it wouldn’t fit on any price tag one would dare to show customers. “Hating to give away free stuff” is just an elaborate way of saying “making sure that high value assets don’t get devalued by handing them out like candy”.

Would you buy such a mythic if the asking price is $500? Making it cheaper is “handing out free stuff” territory as far as financials are concerned.

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Yes, a price like that would not be an incentive to play. I was thinking of more like 1000 or 2000 gems. You are right no one in there right mind would spend even 1 gem for a common, rare or ultra-rare troop. Especially if you factor in that you can get them with gold keys which you get about 2000 every week. This is one of the reasons I think Arena needs to be revamped.

Here is my thinking…There is currently 3 paths to getting a Mythic (buy, diamonds from soulforge, luck with keys). It takes about 4 weeks of collecting diamonds (and spending 1400 gems in Dungeon to get diamonds) and about every 4 weeks a new Mythic comes out with increased chances to get with keys; if I save all my keys (including guild seals) I can usually get it (but not always). So every 4 weeks I can get 2 Mythics. I am at the point in the game where almost everything is upgraded, the only thing I play for is Mythics. Earning 1 Mythic every 2 weeks isn’t going to hold my interest in the game and I will spend more time in other games. The deves have done a great job keeping my interest for over 2 years. This is the longest I have ever kept interest in a casual game before moving on to another. This is because there has been so my things to upgrade in the game, so there has always been something to work on.

Well will responses like this they won’t. Instead of being a naysayer instead respond with how this would get you to play the game more and would make it more likely that you would spend to get gems for the Mythic. For example, currently you can earn just enough gems to buy stuff for the portal, siege, and tower events; if you now had the option to use 2000 gems on a Mythic you would either think harder about spending them on the portal, siege, and tower events or you would spend on gems so you can do both.