Idea to make arena rewarding

What if there were 5 new cards, one of each rarity, and the only way to get those cards were to beat the corresponding difficulty in arena. There are six difficulties so the normal would only get normal rewards. But if you could beat the highest then you get a unique mythic that is only available there. You can beat the lower levels multiple times to trait those cards as well.

What do you guys think?

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So basicaly adding arena troops, I like it. You would have to beat it multiple times to get multiple copies. So you would need to beat arena 6 times in Warlord III in order to ascend the legendary troop to mythic. Or 91 times on Hard to get the rare troop to mythic.

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Exactly, and beat warlord 3 once to get the big mythic prize.

It would truly reward those that strategize the best. Players with that mythic really could make an argument that they are among the best players in the game.

They could also have cards for treasure maps. One of the random prizes could be a special currency that allowed you to buy unique cards only available there.