Resurrection troops should have ZERO traits

All be it this is abnormal. But fing stupid when it does happen. Removing the traits from troops that appear in battle due to a resurrection would make sure this stupidity doesn’t happen EVER. (It was just the third pet battle so only 1 Infernal King at the start of the battle rezzed 6 times.)

“RNG Streaks”… Yeah, so balance your game with that in mind. :person_shrugging:

His trait should have been changed same time as The Dragon Soul’s was.

I’ve had those kind of pet battles with him too. I now use Dragon’s Eye for the weapon and transform him so he can’t rez.

But think of the extra souls you get! You’d only need to do this type of fight about 1300 times to earn enough incremental souls to raise a whole extra troop to level 20!

For this pet rescue I just have Elementalist class equipped for stunning him.
Warpriest should work too but less reliable.

Or as already mentioned Dragons eye is a hard counter.

I once had one of those guys revive himself 16 times during the same pest rescue. But that’s as far as sour RNG has ever pushed me.

It’s easy enough to utilize a troop that can stun him and thus “de-activate” his revival routine. Similar to how it’s easy enough to use that same tactic to trip up a number of other obnoxious troops – e.g., Queen Beetrix.

Once I got all of my Hero classes to level 100, I went with one of the ideas suggested above, which is to use the Elementalist class against that particular Pest Rescue.

It’s not a common troop outside of pest rescues, so I don’t really think it’s that big a deal.

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16?! Wtf. I had it happen 5-6 times once too, but 16?!

That’s a probability of 1 in 4.294.967.296 :face_with_monocle:

Or just use Wrath on Infernal King. :laughing:

Video Courtesy: These forums. I can’t recollect the player’s name.

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Before this becomes more of a thread of “ways to possibly stop a troop from rezzing 5+ times”.

Does anyone have a way to guarantee that it won’t besides the one I offered in the OP?

Yes stun and enraged are ways to work around the bad deaign possibly. But it doesn’t change the fact that it shouldn’t happen in the first place.

Remember when they said they fixed this? Remember how some of us have been saying those % rates were never broken, they just raise them behind the scenes to simulate difficulty? This game and the developers are frauds and con artists. This will never change.

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I have never had infernal king resurrect in battles 1 to 3 (or 4) in pet rescue. So that sounds about right…