[RESOLVED] Guild Activity entries broken?

Not a bug in gameplay. So, am deviating from the usual template.

What does “contributing 13 gold to Blue Tasks” after some LTs have been completed mean? Is there an issue with Guild Activity entries?

  1. Already some LTs have been completed before this entry.
  2. I always contribute in 1000x (obsessive that way). Where’s 13 coming from? I understand I could have added to the missing 13 in the previous task. But these are LTs. Why does it say “Blue Tasks”?

@Cyrup @Alpheon

Last week I spended 1500 seals to the guild - as seen in the contribution screen. In the Roster it showed 1492 seals. I don’t know, how many seals where really counted…

An explanation for the gold could be something like that:
You have 1234 Gold. In the screen where you contribute (normally 1000, 5000, 10000,…) you chose the last entry (don’t know exactly the name). What happens? I haven’t tried. But could end up you spent 1234 Gold. Could also be a counting error like with the seals.

I get what you are saying. I have covered that scenario in my second point too.

Anyway, this should not have happened since a few LTs have already been completed. From where blue tasks is being counted?

I noticed that same entry in our guild log too this morn. Same scenario where basic tasks have been finished for 2 days & already done a number of LTs. However, we have 3 times where this happened at 10 hours, 5 hours & 2 hours, each one increasing by 1 gold (12, 13 & 14).

The devs are trying to syphon off our gold in tiny increments thinking we wouldn’t notice!


But why Blue Tasks? Haha… :rofl:

I hope some dev(s) would notice this post and respond. I’ll keep tagging them.

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I have noticed these entries in my guild as well.

My observation, which seems to be consistent with with the logs that @vanyel posted, is that these weird small gold entries always occur in conjunction with a “completed a Legendary Task” entry, and the amount of gold supposedly contributed to Blue Tasks is actually the number of LTs that the guild has completed for the week so far; it starts at 1 with the first LT for the week and increments with each LT thereafter.

In other words, the game is tracking the number of LTs but apparently doesn’t quite know how to display that information correctly.


I just completed a Legendary task, and my observations are just what you said. Even though I saw a “Contributed x gold to blue tasks” message, the gold was not deducted from my account. So this seems to be a purely visual thing.



Thanks for letting us know about this.
We’re hoping to have it fixed soon, it’s just an annoying visual issue.


Thanks for acknowledging and responding @Kafka … If this was created for the sake of keeping track of LTs, it would be nice to just reword it and mention it as such. Would be quite useful.

I didn’t notice them for early LTs. That makes more sense now as well.

This issue seems to have been rectified. Thanks.