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(Resolved) Adana Power Level 3 requirements

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Should have upgraded to power level 3 even though I have satisfied all requirements, but it says I have only one epic troop. I have 2Screenshot_20181108-200356

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Noticed recently only.

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I’m pretty sure it means “base” epics not “ascended” epics._

Ghiralee, Sparkgrinder, Tankbot 2000 and TED-1000 are base epics from Adana.


That should be mentioned clearly then :frowning:

You’re right. They need to state that these refer to base rarities.

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Thanks, will try to get that

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It’s only clear if you know there are later requirements that say “Ascend x troops to mythic”.

Generally if the game says “collect x epic troops” it means base rarity. The hint is you can’t “collect” an ascended troop. You “collect” it from opening chests. If the game wants you to ascend the troop it says “Ascend x troops to .”

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Thanks for the info

Hey, I’ll pass on feedback so we can hopefully improve the wording to make it more clear.