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REQUEST: Slide bar for levelling

When I level a character I love that I can now level him up as far as he can go, as opposed to leveling him 1 step at a time through all the animations, but sometime I dont want him to be level 17, sometimes I only need him to be level 15 to get that extra star.

This leaves me in the situation of having to level him the old way.

I know once he’s levelled I’ll never have to do it again, but I think it would be a good addition.



Oooooohhhh not a character, a TROOP! I was confused there for a bit.

Yeah, a troop.

Pc\mobile doesnt have it? We have that on console now, so i think it will be added to other versions too

reasons to play xbox/ps4. Daily challenges, slide bar thingy.
Reasons to play pc/mobile Newest stuff first most of the time