[Reported] Updated 2023.06.04 Missing artwork on android


Yes, I saw the other topic.
I opened a new one because devs have already acknowleged that one.

I reinstalled the game on android in hope it will fix the missing artwork problem, but it only made it worse.
After reinstalling and downloading all assets, artwork is still missing for the following troops:

Knight Errant → spell artwork: pitchfork
Orpheus Priestess → spell artwork: pitchfork
Dead Parrot → spell artwork: pitchfork
The Bane of Mercy → spell artwork: ok
Silken Fang → spell artwork: pitchfork
The Silken Queen → spell artwork: pitchfork
The Spider Throne → spell artwork: pitchfork
Dragonite Gnome → spell artwork: pitchfork
Spike (pet) thx Daeron → bonus: ok
Rukh → spell artwork: pitchfork
First Claw Maahes → spell artwork: pitchfork
Axe Beak → spell artwork: pitchfork
Beltane → spell artwork: pitchfork

update 2023.03.24 9:25 CET
update 2023.04.03 12:56 CEST
update 2023.04.10 9:15 CEST
update 2023.04.15 7:10 AM CEST
update 2023.04.17 9:54 AM CEST

update 2023.06.04 11:35 AM CEST

  • Skelly Cat → spell artwork: pitchfork

Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for checking on android!

I’ll add the status into the report to the development team.


Android, Samsung A17 5G, Tmobile…idk what else you need…

Broken graohics for Orpheus Priestess, Bane of Mercy, Spike the Pet, and the artwork i assume should be in the holiday events in the game tabs(there’s broken graphic lines in the square)


Updae in opening post. ty

Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for the update.

I see your Oprheus Priestess card also has a pitchfork in the spell graphic.

  • Do you happen to not own this troop?
  • Or have you unlocked it recently?

Another one

I assume the legendary troop should he wisible there.
The troop itself is ok, all artwork is there.

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Just checked in my game, and yes, Orpheus Pristess’ spell artwork shows a pitchfork.


The games graphics broke almost similar to the ghosting graphics when entering and existing troop screens including the \\ missing troop and pet graphics and weapon graphics after the update of 6.8 and when the kingdom of foxes was introduced. The game worked perfectly when you updated the game during the unannounced 6.7 to 6.8 that plagued the android so look at your code that you introduced there.

It’s depressing just to open my game up and see this every day

So how about turning on your Android before you approve your updates once and a while.

Thanks for listening


I do own Orpheus Priestess and have since it’s release.

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Dead Parrot’s spell artwork also shows a pitchfork

Hi, @Bramble I have updated the opening post with spell artwork info.

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I also have the exact same graphics issue with the aforementioned troops and pets.
iPhone AND iPad with latest version IOS

Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for updating the original post, it makes things a lot clearer!

So far, I can tell you that the Pet Spike graphic issue should have a fix going out in 6.9. (Previously reported elsewhere)

I’ll let the dev team know about the strange pitchfork spell graphic appearing alongside missing troop artwork.

Hello :slight_smile:


Just to confirm, does this include the pitchfork spell graphic issue? (If the troop artwork is missing, your spell graphic becomes a pitchfork rather than the expected art)

My guildmate shared a screenshot of this yesterday:

From a tablet, not sure if iOS or Android.

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The pitchfork art is on the Orpheus Priestess troop (also missing troop art)
Babe of Mercy has the spell art but is missing the troop art

iPhone13 Pro, iOS 16.3.1
I’ll check my iPad later to see if it’s same graphic issue

Very slow and missing graphics on Kindle Fire as well (all event shop pictures were missing this morning).

Hello :slight_smile:

That’s certainly an interesting screencapture.

  • Do you mind asking your guildmate how they managed to make this bug? (eg. Did they just open delve and it appeared like this?)

  • And also, if this issue is still occuring for them on every single delve?

I’ve got a bit more info. It’s an Android tablet (system version 12), Galaxy Tab T6

He says that it happens occasionally; it happens more often when he plays for a longer period of time at a time. It’s not just delves - it happens in different places. He just happened to grab a screenshot of the delve. And yes, he opens team editing, and they are like this.

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Hello :slight_smile:

Could you get your friend to submit a Support Ticket with their screenshot and details included? (Just so we don’t have to keep forcing you to be the messenger going back and forth)

  • At the current moment, it would be helpful to have their Invite Code as well!