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[REPORTED] The Scourge of Honor - NO IMAGE

**mobile android



Is this occurring across multiple accounts? If anyone can weigh in that would help greatly.

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Same for me. Mobile android. Restart didn’t work. All assets downloaded already.


Same here. Also, all the weapon images are messed up like this:

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Also this is how my spell pics look now. It was all fine before daily reset


Same here - all weapon images are messed up!

Same here also - spell pics are not like previously.

Everything fine for me on PC/Steam but not fine on mobile/Android.
Scourge of Honor is out of image complete; other images are just skewed.

Scourge of Honour image missing for me as well, Android (I’m not fussed, just confirming):

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Scourge of Honor is displaying fine on Xbox

I’m having the same issue on my mobile phone Android using 10

i have the same issue as well, android user here

So sounds like just an Android thing, maybe? We’ve got one out of one negative from Xbox and PC respectively (including Dust Angel’s comparative input).

same here, android.

Just wanted to say it’s fine on ps4

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Adding that I also do not have image on Android.

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G+, Android 11, No image available for the new Mythic.

3rd bug of the week. Y’all were not prepared for vacation.


Same for me on my android phone.

No image on my Android device for the new troop.

No image on Samsung tablet