[REPORTED] Unreleased buff pet in Dhrak-Zum Bundle

Screenshot or image:

[Screenshot credit goes to Mr Maestro on the Community Discord]

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I expected buff pets to first become available as part of the Wednesday pet rescue, then get added to cash-only bundles later on. Hairy Hoarder is the Rogue buff pet that doesn’t even have a release date yet and probably won’t show up in the roster when bought.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every once in a while when a new bundle gets added to the cash shop. The last one was fixed by setting the incorrectly bundled pet (Chomp Chomp Chomp) to released and adjusting the Wednesday pet rescue to drop this pet instead.


Is this issue ignored? All buges above and below were marked.

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I assume the resolve of this bug will be “wait till Monday”. This may actually work!

Hairy Hoarder now shows in the list of unowned pets. He was officially retrospectively released in a 50$ bundle. And he isn’t present in the spoilers of future pet rescues. The worst solution, which can be imagined. Disappointed.

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I hope it means that he can appear in regular pet rescues from now. It will be a nice addition for a Pure faction try in City of Thieves, since they are all Rogues.

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Hello pet.


weird, it doesn’t show up in unowned on Xbox

good or bad news depending on how you look at it… On PC:

Dropping here too. PC/mobile.