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New Furry Hoarder pet?

Hello everyone, I have seen that there is a pet that calls “Acaparador Peludo” In Spanish, the google translation says Hairy Hoarder.
Someone knows how to get it because I only need that one and it says that it is from a pet event and I don’t think I have missed any.
Thank you.

Sorry for the English but I’m using the google translator XD

That is the name of the pet in English.


It was accidentally released in a weekly bundle. As a result, the devs released the pet although it has not had an official release event.

Currently, it is only available through pet rescues.

And of course devs have gone and held a New Pet Wednesday with a new cosmetic and highly useful pet instead of mending the error and giving everyone a chance to grab the new actually useful pet, because you know, schedules.

Hope this guy is gonna have its own official release event next.