[Reported] Underspire

when trying to do underspire

After clicking :

Can confirm – sometimes that tab tries to display “Underspire” and “Explore” simultaneously and in these cases it IS possible to start an Explore run. The real puzzle to figure out is how this even happens to begin with…

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Hello :slight_smile:

A quick question:

  • Did you play any Explore before you started Underspire? (Either for the same Kingdom or for a different one?)

I started GOW this morning
Just underspire
Ran an explore 12 zhulkari (with new troop chtarasque)
After the box, back to Blackhawk
And yes… underspire+explore, clicking gives explore
Back out of explore
Back out if Blackhawk
Back in Blackhawk
Underspire only


Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for confirming!

I’ll update the current report with your recount of events.

  • In the meantime, what is your invite code?
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my invite code is