[Reported] "No Casualties" delves awarded incorrectly

Can confirm on Switch, but likely affects all platforms.

Screenshots: (available if required)


A faction’s “Best delve with no casualties” stat doesn’t actually track the # of Troop deaths during a run. Instead, it seems to only check whether your surviving troops (after the Boss room) match your initial Troops (before room #1).

This creates several scenarios where the game will incorrectly award (or fail to award) a “no casualty” delve:

  • If you are Delving with a Summon team, as long you can resummon a slain troop before beating the boss room, you will get credit for a “no casualties” run despite obviously taking casualties along the way.
  • Silver Necropolis, Emperinazaar, and/or Mirrored Halls factions
  • Spirit Fox + Black Beast + Spiritdancer team
  • etc. (potentially any team with a fixed summoner)
  • Inversely, if you start the Delve with an empty slot and summon a Troop, you will not get credit for a "no casualties"delve (presumably because this Troop was not present in your initial lineup).
  • I delved Tinker Town (Lv.120->130) with a team of: Finesse, Ethereal Sentry, Cedric Sparklesack, (empty slot)
  • I finished with a Bombot in slot #4 (never cast never exploded).
  • I received only +20 Renown (for the +10 max Delve level) when I should have received at least +30 Renown (for no troops killed).
  • If one of your Troops gets Transformed (voluntarily or otherwise) into something different, you will not get credit for a “no casualties” delve, despite no Troops actually dying.
  • Werewoods faction
  • Doppelganger, Villager/Werewolf, Nosferatu/Umberwolf/Bat Swarm, Dragon’s Fire
  • enemy Night Hag, Lycanthropy Gems, etc.
  • If for some reason you put a Gnome on your team and it runs away, you will not get credit for a “no casualties” delve, even though “run away” is NOT dying.
  • I delved Duergaroth with a team of: Cunning, Clockwork Sphinx, Demon Gnome, Emperinazara and a Lv.100 Hoard (with Potion of Enchantment)
  • In the boss room, I cast Demon Gnome to kill the final enemy.
  • I was awarded only +20 Renown (for new Delve level) when I should have received at least +30.

The game already tracks a death count per battle (for boost ratios on certain spells), why does it not simply track this counter over the whole length of a Delve?

Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for the detailed examples for this issue. The example teams especially are very helpful!

I have raised these technicalities with the development team for the “No Casualties” delve stat, and will also be making a report on this. Please understand that this is a finnicky issue!

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: