Quick Delve Question

Dear Helpful Community,

May be a very quick answer but I’d like to know anyway! I just completed my 3 delve battles for the day, the first 2 gave me 30 renown each and the last one gave me only 20. Why might this be?

Thank you in advance!

You lost a troop i guess so didnt got the 10 points for the “highest delve without casualties”.

Dont worry too much about that anyway, next run you make without any death will give you all the points of previous lvls too, so if x example next run will be a perfect run you will get 40 points.

Ps: transformed troops from hag/mushroom count as “deaths”


Ahh thank you, yes that was the first time I had lost a troop right at the end.

Try cards who can summon like XATHENOS or ABYNISSIA or EURYALI etc… i use 2 summoning cards when delving.