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What does "casualty" mean for delves?

My initial assumption was that completing a delve “without casualties” meant without any troops dying. However, today I completed a delve where no troop died but one was transformed into a mushroom and I did not get credit for completing it without casualties.

So what all counts as a casualty? Is it just dying and getting transformed, or are there other things too?

4 starting troops must complete the delve.

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To fulfill the “no casualties” condition, you must end the delve with the same four troops you started with. Order doesn’t matter, and it actually doesn’t matter if you lose a troop and finish one of the middle battles then summon the exact same one before the end so long as you finish with the same team you came in with. It is likely intended to be a “no losses” check, but the way it is implemented just means “end with the same team”.


I think there are a few exceptions. Werewoods does allow transformed troops for example I think.

Enemy transforming your troops counts as death.
You transforming our own troops - through spell effect, for example - does not count as death.

You need to end with the same team you started.

If a delve has summoning, you can summon the same troop you lost and it counts that way

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It doesn’t have to be exactly the same troops for some delves with pure faction runs. For instance, in the last delve, Fell Roost, I started with 1 of every troop (Nocturnia, Fell Dragon, Fell Dragon Egg, and Undead Drake). I completed the delve with one Nocturnia and three Fell Dragon Eggs. I still got the no casualty requirement met though.

Wow. Surprisingly complicated. It was a non-faction team in this case, FWIW.

It’s simple. Don’t lose a troop, get 30 points. Lose a troop, get 20. Doesn’t matter till level 500 anyways.

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A troop transform counts as a death.