[REPORTED] Kingdoms Stuck at 0 Power

Steam/PC, Ver. 6.0.0r30932

I returned to the game after a few years away, and all of the kingdoms that I had unlocked previously are stuck at 0 Power. The Power button section of the Kingdom menus shows Power 0 and no three-bubble completion tracker; if I click on the Power button, I receive the message “No tasks are available for this kingdom.”

The proper Power interface, with the completion tracker and tasks, does show only on the three kingdoms that were not available when I stopped playing last (Sin of Maraj, Dhrak-Zum, Nexus), and that I unlocked after restarting the game this week.

This is a consistent issue.

This is probably your best bet and way how to get some help.


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I appreciate it!

Hey Rhinostirge I had the exact same issue with yours
did they solve it for you ?

No such luck. I got an email asking for more screenshots, sent it along, and nothing has happened since. (Except now that the game crashes if I open chests or complete quests, so that’s nice.O

I got replied in my topic and they say they are following our cases. hope they can fix it soon