[Reported] I found a bug in the game that benefits me and thought I’d post it here (seals)


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Expecting: nothing, I’d got my weekly seals to max. What keeps happening when I go back to this screen every now and again: I can “claim” 15x20 guild seals that I’ve already claimed. No idea if this works to actually keep claiming seals, but the button press is there and it does attempt to do something even if my total remains the same as it’s already maxed.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
After a while when I go back, maybe after the hourly sync with the servers for tributes? I dunno. I’ve seen it a dozen times at least. I’m not going out of my way to find it.

Steps to make it happen again
Well I could try again next week by doing a lot of PvP first and seeing if I can keep claiming the seals, but I really CBA doing that I’ve got other plans :wink:

Hugs and kisses to anyone who thinks I shouldn’t report this, it probably doesn’t even add more seals just a graphical bug, but idc either way, a bug is a bug oxoxo


i found a bug too but shh im saying nothing… lets see if they find it with their own testers


I have this bug too on Android/PC. You can’t actually claim any rewards from this so it’s a visual bug more than a benefit. The game otherwise acknowledges you’re at max seals and gives you nothing, but this is just what I noticed when I tried claiming the “rewards” myself.

In terms of bugs, this one is harmless, so I’d rather the devs address other problems first. Since they recently did an overhaul on how Ranked PvP works, this should be their top priority, not this bug. That’s just my opinion though and this bug should still be fixed at some point.


It does look like it doesn’t actually award Seals so it’s lower priority but on the list now.

Thanks for reporting it!


It seemed to award seals yesterday while I still had the possibility of earning them. I think it’s more than just graphical.

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since it appears to have been fixed now ill mention it. gnomes in pvp were running but still awarding loot

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If I press R1 and L2 at the same time, while doing a circle motion on the d-pad.

I get 100 gems :wink:

This is heinous misinformation!!!1111eins

(I happen to know he’s on xbox and doesn’t even have those buttons :stuck_out_tongue: )


thats how it works its an xbox identifying as a playstation

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I can confirm. I just tested it. I have rank 12 (180 seals gained) which I collected an additional two times. All I had to do was restart my game and go back into the guild screen to push collect again. I have gained 360 extra seals from this bug.

Edit: It did add to my weekly seals count and the guild weekly seals count. Since I haven’t maxed them out, I don’t know if it still counts once I do.