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[Reported] Guild Wars "Register Now"

Platform, device version and operating system:

Screenshot or image:
In the Main guild menu
Click on GWs event

back to main Guild menu
Close game, open game… repeat

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Every time the game is opened the guild menu is suggesting that the guild is NOT registered for GWs.
I am expecting this visual indication to show that the guild is already registered when the game opens, if the guild is in fact registered.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time the game is opened since 4.8 release and not GWs week.

Steps to make it happen again
Open your game, see if you are registered for GWs, register, leave game, open game, see if you are registered for GWs again.


same bug here

Same bug here in both my guilds, flicks between ‘Register Now’ and ‘Registered’ even without me closing and re opening the game. It changes in real time without me touching anything as if another guild member has clicked register right at that moment

Same in the guild I’m in as well. Always says “register now” every time I start the game.

Same here.

If it is of any use @Kafka, I think that this bug has been there for a while but the new position in the UI makes it more noticable in 4.8.

A new week, and this bug is still here.

If a bug is already reported please don’t bump a thread just to say it’s still there - we know - it was reported already. You just knock all the other bug reports down the list that actually need attention.

I know this post also bumps this thread up but I have to say something at this point because it keeps happening on threads that are already reported and don’t need further info.

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noooo are you able to register again?
PC? Android? iOS?

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He was on PC I believe and I know I was when it happened. It seems to be set and stable now though. We were just discussing it before he went to sleep.

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@Kafka Sorry to report this…


I will check at reset again but if it is stable all day again I think it is resetting when the game does.

Maybe the number of times your guild registers increases the chance that you’ll move up some brackets when you win against 5 guilds with 0-1 active players each??? (wishful thinking!)

:rofl: We are in B1 and i know that several people have been registering many many times per day in my guild… :thinking:what do we get?

its actually been a really good ongoing inside joke. anytime something bad happens… “well, i just registered for GWs so we have that going for us” :smiley:


Nevermind, not related to reset.


No idea why is doesnt lock but it definitely doesnt.



I’ve passed this onto the team


I am not sure if it helps but I can give you the time mine changed within a few minutes. It happened around 4:22 am local time for you.

I preformed the following actions.

  • left the guild screen (still registered)
  • fought 1 explore fight
  • changed medals
  • collected mail
  • checked guild screen again (not registered)
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It’s a necessary prompt to GMs of dead guilds to register for wars so that the upset regarding delayed bracket progress never goes away. Rofl. Nice work devs.

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Guild earns 36 Trophies in last 8 weeks…still gets registered for GW because Guild Leader collects mail once a week. GW rank 150. (36 Trophies were earned in a non GW week)

Working as intended. I’d post a screenshot, but don’t want to shame the players with Zzzz’s by their names.

Edit: Leader collects mail every day…150 Seals for the week=25 per day (10 from login, 15 from mail). Zero trophies. Two players with 1630+ days in guild. Respect. Still don’t think they deserve their GW Rank.


^ Might be more appropriate in the feedback section as it’s not related to this bug at all, the designers don’t read the bug report section (that’s my job) and that is working as intended currently (although I understand why that’s undesirable).

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