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Registered for Guild Wars. And not registered. Keep having to re-register nearly every day. After registering, the next day it still asks me to register. Guild war started today even though i register every day when asked. Should i have to ask to register every day? Can i still participate?

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It asks me nearly every day to re-register. Not part of the Guild wars even though i redistered only yesterday and had to do it again this morning. But still wasn’t registered.

Guild war takes a bit more time on every platform
Restart the game

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Hey @Redpille

If you were checking close to reset time, it can display that you have not registered when you have.

Are you still having this issue now though?

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Seem like a duplicate

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All good. accept i still need to press the register for guild war every day anew. But i can live with that :slight_smile: