[Reported] Guild War. My team against my team

Hello. In Guild War my team fight against my team. Why?

It would appear that someone has set a defence team which just happens to be the same as the one you are using for your attack. As you know, you can pick any defence team you want so this happening is possible. Its not technically ‘your’ team against your team. If you look at the name of the opponent in the guild wars 5 fight daily schedule, you will see the name of your opponent for the current fight as well as the names of any previous wars opponents according to your progress. Realistically facing a team that is the same as yours should simplify your approach because you understand the team and can thus strategise when making moves. Good luck.

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Sorry…I specify… My guild against my guild.

That’s a new 1 for me. Perhaps you are the only guild in your bracket that has registered for wars but you still shouldn’t be fighting your own guild. I would suggest taking screenshots and posting them in this thread for the attention of the devs or submitting a ticket. Very odd.


Hello @reno

As @Helvellyn suggested if you have a screenshot of this so we can get a better idea of what is occurring?
Alternatively, if you can send through a Support ticket, making sure to include your invite code and your guild name along with a screenshot and we can investigate this further.

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

Just for the first day
My xbox gamer tag : ronemiro
My guild : Les Sens Du Mal
My name on game : reno

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So on Xbox the guild “Les Sens Du Mal” fought valiantly against the guild “Les Sens Du Mal”, winning with the surprise result of 186090 points against 186090 points. Truly a close call. :joy:

Could you post a screenshot showing your bracket (and possibly the bracket above and below)? Sometimes the server gets confused and assigns a guild too many or too few to a bracket, which may mess up which guilds get to fight each other. Apparently it can also result in a mirror match.


I know its frustrating for you but its also quite funny as a bystander. Maybe your guild will get promoted twice :joy:

Hey, well this is a Guild Wars bug (or 3) I’ve never seen before!

It looks as though an issue has snuck in when you’re in a very low guild wars bracket without enough Guilds to fill out your bracket (which due to the way the game is coded should never happen anyway).

I’ve informed the team, sorry about that! It shouldn’t have any real bearing on your ranking and bracket placement for the next Guild Wars.

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