[Reported] Delve potions missing from Faction Assault

All potions missing from Faction Assault shop - stealth nerf or bug?

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam + Android

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Expecting to be able to buy potions in the faction assault event shop.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Just started on Tuesday Faction assault 14/6/22

Steps to make it happen again
Enter shop


Same here. As if Fang Moor isn’t bad enough already. I bought tier 7 from the off without paying attention so didn’t notice potions were missing. Without potion of power I can’t hope to complete this to pure 500 as I intended. This needs dev response sharpish @Kafka.
But for some reason I am enchanted at the start of battle.


You probably have hoard at 100, so it’s the regular delve potion.


Good call. But I need the others that are normally in the shop.

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Confirm, potions from the shop dont work. PC.

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I purchased all tiers and have no potion effects. Android.

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For years this worked.
This seems impossible to f*$% ↑
So, must be intended.

to just quote the posting below me:

I’m sure now u scared the devs away. :wink::frowning:


7 X tier VII and no potion boost here either:
@Jeto , should I save myself hours of frustration by just not playing it and waiting for the refund instead?
:thinking: :blush: :vulcan_salute:


This thing sucks anyway, but it does doubly so because it’s freaking Fang Moor!

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Yeah this just happened to me, i bought up to tier 7 and noticed im getting no power potuins ffs. Whats the point? I also accidentally started the faction without buying any tiers and was enchanted as if i had bought tier 1, wtf is going on?

This is now pointless and ill bet the devs once again will NOT refind me all those gens ive just spent, once again ripped off. Im so sick of this game and its blatant problems and down right fraud.

Enchant potion from hoard level 100.


Hopefully this means it’s a bug rather than a nerf. :crossed_fingers:


In all fairness, it was/is visible what you spend the gems for. You assumed it’ll work as always, what it does or did since years. And I’m with you on that. Could’ve happened to anyone, and I’m sure it has to many people and will continue because not everyone is reading forum or gets the info.

My problem is that they didn’t announce this change, so I’d classify it as a bug. But you still blindly and carelessly clicked the buy button several times. Everyone should double-check. Always. At least partial fault is on you here too.

You can’t go to your favourite restaurant, expecting a certain price for a certain dish that you order since years, order blindly, get it delivered with one side-ingredient missing due to a changed recipe, then eat it and then complain about the price being the same.

Overall this whole situation is sad.

You are right. I did buy blindly expecting things to be how they always were. But if this is intentional (and radio silence strongly suggests it is) then this must be high on the all time list of sneaky and sh*tty things to do.

Plus, Taransworld indicates incoming additional kingdoms which potentially means potionless associated factions if this is the new MO. This will save me loads of gems and grind cos I will have to wait until kingdom power gets the additional %faction boost; which will take years due to resource strangulation re deeds; writs etc

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Australian timezone, they aren’t at work right now.


Ah okay. Fingers crossed then.

Ok well ive just done extensive research with my guild mates, it looks like your underworld hoard level and potions carry over to the faction event, i was at first worried that this in fact replaces the faction event potions but then i went back to their patch notes and it clearly states there that your underworld potions STACK with the faction event pitions so that is great news, only issue then is the faction event is bugged as there are no potions.

I doubt this will be sorted in time and def doubt we will be reimbursed all the gems we wasted but i sent a ticket nonetheless.

What a waste though… im still doing my fights just in case they do sort this and the bonus is ill be paying 2210 gems for 1 level and for my Assassin class to get to 100, oh and for some gold :rofl::rofl::rofl:

So everyone should be getting their potions from their underworld hoard levels in the faction event at least but yeah, currently the faction event is absolutley pointless and exactly the same as doing it in the underworld lol


Same on Playstation… :roll_eyes:



tbh this isn’t a great justification. I’m sure home-office is an option so things can be handled remotely. but that would mean someone actually has to work. :stuck_out_tongue:
…and sometimes the concept of time even works completely different compared to what “we” know about it - as we’ve learned here :wink:

Best of luck to everyone on this matter.

It looks like most folks spotted the missing potions (xbox) because I am way higher on the leaderboard than I would be normally.