[Reported] A bug with song of bones

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it should start with song of bones ,not yellow storm

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
every time

when other cards with tht same traits song of bones in No.3 or 4 place the bug happen again

that means same traints happens only once at the start of battle

Yep. The game should check for all troops’ storms in order of where they are placed but it doesn’t.

If there is a double storm, it checks only for the first troop with that storm, even if the 2nd is lower than the other troop with a different storm.


Put essencia to slot 4!

That would still give OP a yellow storm.

You have to put her in slot one or two to prevent that which should not be the case.

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To clarify, for staff reading this, Diamantina is in both slots 1 and 4, with the trait Song of Bones (Bonestorm at the start of battle). Essencia is in slot 2, with a Lightstorm trait.

At the start of battle, traits trigger in order – left to right, top to bottom top to bottom, left to right. This should mean Diamantina in slot 4’s Bonestorm should overwrite Essencia’s Lightstorm (to verify, check with just one Diamantina, in slot 4, substitute another troop in slot 1). This isn’t happening! Hence bug.


Hello :slight_smile:

It’s not a bug

Essentially whats happening:

  • Song of Bones trait on troop Diamantia is being triggered
  • But, then is being overwritten by the Song of Light trait being triggered on the troop Essencia.

I just tried Emeraldrin/Garnetaerlin/Emeraldrin/Emeraldrin for comparison.

Similar result. The first Emeraldrin creates a Leafstorm, Garnetaerlin creates a Duststorm. Then the other 2 Emeraldrins’ first trait is ignored, resulting in a Duststorm at the start of the battle.

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And then, the 2nd Diamantina gets ignored?

How is that not a bug?

1st Diamantina - bone storm
Essencia - light storm
2nd Diamantina - let’s pretend you’re not there?

BTW that also happens if there is another troop with a bone storm, a different one.

I think you didn’t understand the issue to be honest.

If Essencia was the bottom troop then that would make sense. But if Diamantina is the bottom troop, or another bone storm troop is, the bone storm should be happening.

Essentially: if there are two troops with the same storm and in between those is a troop with another storm, the doubled troops get ignored.


It happens with all troops - doesn’t even have to be the same troop twice, just two troops with the same storm and one with a different storm in the middle.

It’s certainly a bug but I guess - just like the storms - that fact is ignored (for now).

  • Which is then overwritten by Diamantina in Slot 4 triggering Song of Bones again – (or at least one would imagine)

It seems that Song of Bones only trigger once, then it doesn’t matter if you have another troop with the same trait.

That’s what is happening. But it’s not what should be happening.

I placed purple storm on slots 2 & 4, brown storm on slot 3
If you put on a slow motion, what the game does is - trigger purple storm 2, trigger purple storm 4, trigger brown storm 3. So that is why middle storm does not get overwritten.
Mind you, it is only storm traits that run out of slot sequence. After more tinkering, it seems that all traits of the same name activate out of sequence; when trait A comes up first, it activates on all troops that have it, then game proceeds to resolve the next trait…
If we take, for example, this setup
the traits activate in the following order

Argos - wildfolk bond
Argos - lightstorm
Essencia - lightstorm
Beetle Blade - duststorm
Essencia - dragon bond
Essencia - dragon seer.

Poor and, I’d say, wrong implementation. It should go slot 1, traits 1,2,3; slot 2, traits 1,2,3; slot 3, traits 1,2,3; slot 4, traits 1,2,3 plain and simple.


Tbh with that team I put Essencia above first Diamantina. Makes little difference and keeps Bone Storm, plus you can’t two shot without more skull hits.

Yeah, that is what I’m doing. But still…

Could be different troops with the same storm and you may want one to be in the last position whose storm then gets ignored. Just like we are ignored now.


Yes it’s for sure not working how it says on traits, even if as @Dust_Angel has explained, it’s not how it is expected to work, and needs fixing…

@Kafka @OminousGMan @Jeto Bramble

I know you said tagging doesn’t work but just in case you’re dismissing this thread because it was falsely marked as “not a bug” even though it clearly is one - please revisit.

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Hello :slight_smile:

I know it’s been a while and just wanted to give a heads up that we have seen your calls to revisit this thread and we are doing so.

(Although I do also realise that it might not look like it since the tag hasn’t been changed yet, as nothing is confirmed/official)


Maybe change the tag to “revisiting”? That would be a new one, I guess, but helpful in cases like this.

Hope we were able to explain the issue well enough, but if any extra information is needed, let us know.

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