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Removing pet names

back in the days, when i didn’t know all pets counted (no need to put him to use). i named my pets fire or experience or goblin for example (based on the bonus). now the question… how do i unrename these pets ?

Can you rename them again?
Perhaps the database would be useful… http://gowdb.com/pettable

yes, can rena.e them again, but not an empty name

I misunderstood.
I thought you wanted to put back the original names, not blank them out.


They want the original names, but was hoping that blanking them out would default to original name, instead of having to remember/look up each pet’s name.

you see i added names there (sin of maraj, pans vale) this happens when you rename… wanna get rid of those names. cannot rename back to blank (4 letters required), 4 spaces also does not work… weird

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All you really have to do is equip Puddling. Rename it, and everyday, the rest of your life, Puddling. The best smile, the best friend, the only pet you’ll ever need, until the end of days.