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Remove Class Switching Fee

The 50 gem fee for switching class needs to be removed. I have spent over 300 gems so far switching from class to class. There are two main reasons for this:

  • There are no rewards past 250 wins. Since wins don’t give any additional rewards past 250 wins, there is little need to stay on one class for too long. Dedicated players get 250 wins much quicker than the 6 day timer.
  • Defend team doesn’t save class. Since everyone’s defend team has to use current class, there becomes a lot of instances where people prioritize for PvP class rather than defend class. This leaves less creativity with defends as people are forced to use the same offensive class as defensive. For instance, I prefer Priest for defend, but always PvP with Sorcerer, Necromancer, or Archer.

This! I had 250 wins in a day and a half. Please change this devs. Using gems seems steep a price for changing classes; especially when there’s no real advantage in doing so.

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I don’t think it’s so much the switching that bothers me, but the fact that it disrupts my existing team synergy.
At the very least, allows each team formation to SAVE the class of the Hero to that particular lineup. In that case I still wouldn’t have minded the 50 gem cost, since I know I can safely switch around without destroying my main lineups.


Was my concern since day 1. Day 1 being the release date of the first preview.

I think the class system change mechanics doesn’t fit well with the rest : if you remember the beginnings, your hero had one equiped weapon and that was it, if you changed it, you changed it for all your decks including your hero.
They changed that when we got the possibility to have a separate defense deck from offensive deck, that made sense both for RP purpose but also for gameplay.

Now it feels like going back to old bad habits. We have one class with one perk and that’s it. This breaks the flexibility they allowed us to have with the previous updates and is really a shame.

You should be able to have one class / perk different per deck. Choosable when you include your hero in your deck.
Hero class victories would then only count if you play the hero (and thus shouldn’t be displayed on the world map but rather only in the hero menu : a 250 victory long lifespan is pretty short for a global display anyway…)

This flexibility, of course, can’t be achieved with a switching class fee.


That is why I said defend team not saving is one of the reasons it should be changed. If the system stays exactly how it is now, the fee needs to be removed or reduced greatly. If the system was changed to save teams and give more rewards past 250 wins, there would be more incentive to keep a class making the 50 gem switch justifiable.

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We already asked about saving multiple instances for offense and defense and apparently its extremely bloody hard to do. Otherwise they’d have done it - I’m pretty sure this isn’t what they wanted either.

It would have to be in a pocket dimension or something - the one in defense wouldn’t get credited for wins while the one you’re using to PVP yourself would. That sort of thing.

I can get behind removing the 50 gems though. That’s a whole Arcane Traitstone from a VIP chest! But being limited to one class for a week is annoying (barring paying up, or strategically unlocking the rest of the classes at specific timeframes - which isn’t repeatable).

Ah. Maybe if all classes are unlocked the fee goes away. Or something along those lines. I think that supports both the playstyles we and the devs are after - freedom of choice at the end, but not jumping all over the place when the devs want us to pick a class and stick to it and level it.

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If they want that, they would need to expand class rewards up to at least 1,000.

I would love if they added a skill point system. Every 250 wins, including the 250 wins up to the weapon, give 1 point to distribute to hero stats. HP would cost 1, armor would cost 1, attack would cost 2, and magic would cost 4. Maybe even have different costs for different classes. It wouldn’t be so high that it would make changing classes useless, but it would also be high enough to give incentive to stay on a class. There are people that can do 1,000 wins in under a week, which would cost 150 or 200 gems if aiming for weapons alone.

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I think the ‘pick it and stick with it’ was more for early on (and lower-level and/or more casual players). I don’t know what (if anything) they had in mind for post-250.

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i was worried about it… i was told, well the time restarts when you open another one. I opened them all. and now. have to wait 7 days to change… it is what it is.

fyi: you can level them up with gold before you change over to them. as well as trait.

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I wonder how easy it would be to code a reduction in switching time for wins beyond 250; specifically, whether it’d be easier than having multiple instances of the hero floating around. 6 days is 144 hours. If the timer reduced by 30 minutes for each win, you eliminate the timer in 288 wins (assuming you somehow got through all of them instantaneously). This is not a huge amount for dedicated players, apparently – I think I have racked up 130 since 1.0.9, and that is with a bonus gold weekend making me spend more time in game.

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So you’re doing exactly as was intended by the feature to begin with?

You’re basically asking for the removal of an inconvenience.

The point of class changing was the fact you’re supposed to pick one and stick with it, not because of the rewards but because changing your class like you would weapons defeats the entire point of the system in place.

I know some high level players have little patience for anything that slows their flow, but it’s honestly a little ridiculous to request things that are completely counter-intuitive to the cash intake of the game. Similarly to those asking for the new armor to be sold for diamonds, it’s just not gonna happen.

If Gems of War has any chance of being a long running game, it needs money, and the 5 dollar switch versus 6 day wait seems quite reasonable for a single feature. Especially considering higher leveled players would use it the most often, and are also the ones making the most diamonds in a day.

Now if you wanted the price reduced to, say, 25 gems, I’d understand your plight.
Or if you asked for the wait to be reduced to, say, 3 days.
But complete removal is a no-no. If you can’t wait, you spend. If you can’t spend, you wait.


The problem is that none of the 7 classes currently available are superior in both PvP and defend. I would be fine with a 1,000 gem cost switch if there was a way to set class per deck. With how classes currently function, there is little need to charge for a switch. I would have to pay 100 gems a day to keep my build as meta as possible at all times, having to switch to a defend class when I go off then back to PvP. My solution of course it just to set my defend team to complete trash due to defend lose wins being buffed. I just hate that this game has always penalized for building a good defend team. There hasn’t been a single version where winning an AI defend was a good thing, with partial exception to the brief time in 1.0.8 when battles were free.


  • It costs gems to switch to a good defend class if one uses a different class for PvP.
  • Every 5 defend lose wins gives a reward, making AI wins useless.
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Based on your sayings, I would say we should have a system like that :

Hire a General

  • Generals can be hired for a 500 gem fee
  • Generals are exactly as skilled as the hero
  • There can be only one General per deck (and hero counts as a general)

Then, victories per class should be earned ONLY when playing a hero (or a general) with the right class.

Yes, a General would basically be like a second hero (but I tried to keep it RP and viable in an economic point of view)

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I would pay 500 gems for that, but they wouldn’t really make money off of that. Anyone that needs a general would easily have the 500 gems from guild.

Similarly, I don’t see how they will make money off of a 50 gems cost to switch class. Anyone that can’t afford it will just wait or use treasure maps for it. Anyone that needs the switch feature has 1,000s of guild gems.

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Yes, but maybe not in such a short time as what you are experiencing in one of the top guilds (or even the top guild, I think you are a member of Match Masters but I could be mistaken).
The point would be that it would still require a premium currency to unlock, depleting people’s gems on this so they wouldn’t have enough for other goods and end up being more likely to pay for gems.
That’s the end goal of the current changing class fee.

So basically, theorically, it would be fine by you and fine by the GoW staff. But that’s theorical : they would need to develop it, and that seems like a big investement on their dev side for this feature. But then again, they could come up with something good based on generals !

It’s all about finding a common ground between what players want and what the staff needs !

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I’m with @Zelfore on this. The whole point of the class system is to keep it special enough to make if fun once you are able to change. On the other hand I think that 50 gems / 6 days is too much and should be halved.

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We don’t really need generals though. The main thing we need is incentive to have a good defend team. They need to at least modify it so an AI defense win counts as an AI defense lose win. The addition of AI defend lose win rewards just completely threw off the balance they nearly had in 1.0.8.

What I think would solve the 50 gem cost is to have an option to buy the ability for free switches. Something like a 500 gem cost for infinite switches. My main issue with classes is I want to be able to use one class while I PvP then switch to another class when I log off to defend me. In the current system, that would cost 100 gems per day, which is obviously not worth it. Because of this, I am forced to use a weaker defend team. On top of a lose win being better, this combination just makes it pointless to build a good defend team.

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Yeah, absolutely ridiculous, if you want cost for whatever weird reason make it 50 gold like capital. (And fix it leaking into arena).

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The problem is that the way the class system is integrated right now can at best be called a Bloody Mess for those players who like to PvP. It translates to “pay 50 gems every time you want to switch to a different team setup, be it for attacking or for defending”. Which happens to be often. It has turned the fun experience of being able to change into a huge liability, because each change not only costs a premium, it also wrecks your predefined teams.

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Yes, I got that from your OP. :slight_smile:
Actually I agree with you on this, but there should be a way to find a solution for that. I leave it to the devs to think of one.

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