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Reduced valraven spawn rate for Tuesday delve?

I was doing my tuesday delve event on xbox and I noticed that there was a shockingly low spawn rate of valravens during this delve event.

I had to buy tier 2 in order to complete the event. I did not skip a single room. I only saw one valraven and the second orb was also a growth orb (of course).

Perhaps it was bad luck. Abysmal luck even. I have my doubts. Every other single day faction, and I mean every single one, had no trouble completing all rewards with a tier 1 purchase. A couple factions don’t even need tier 1 purchased most of the time.

I’m putting this into feedback, as I would imagine I would be told “it’s working as intended” in the bugs category. However, I think the intentions here are for it not to work. It is a small thing, but based on recent history, this may be testing our tolerance to increased buy in costs. Slowly but surely, they have alread increased the minimum tiers for all rewards in the new event and gating energy obtained during these other events may be the next step.

I’m hoping it was a bug or due to upcoming server maintenance. A small slip up is better than slipping the rug from under us. I’m not so sure anymore.

Just to help out with this, I completed the delve event without purchasing any tiers, all rooms done and no valravens missed. For all it’s worth, all I got was wisdom orbs :joy: Sounds like you had some really awful luck today with those pesky birds :-1:

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I’m hoping it was a very odd fluke. To not even get a second valraven after buying two tiers worth is concerning though. Typically these faction assaults have a very strict average valraven spawn.

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Same happened to me (on PC). 1 valraven from free sigils and had to stop after level 60. I didn’t spend to see if there might be another.

I’m not a huge fan of it actually being possible to fluctuate like this, myself.

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I completed all reward tiers without purchasing anything. With the majority of delves this is possible as long as you do the rooms in the highest treasure multiplier first order, and you get at least two valranens to be able to get to level 80.

I know, I do them always in the highest possible scoring. My point is going the same exact process which i may not even need one tier, to tier 2 needed with only a single valraven is odd.

Personally I think tier 2 is always worth it (only 90 gems) for the 1 day delves. Makes the battles faster and guarantees all stage rewards and should take you to lv 120 which means more shards and other rewards.

It can also allow you to do a lv 100 faction team run if you haven’t done it already.

Mirrored halls gives enemies +2 to yellow matches, so ravens need 2 matches to charge up instead of the usual 4. An unlucky cascade can see the raven flee before you even realize it.

I know that can happen, but there wasn’t a match that went that way. I was using an undead team with MC hero. Had a raven escaped, I would have seen it.

The only empowered teams that could have even come close to matching the speed are the 4x leprechaun. I had 2, maybe 3 rooms of that and the single raven never spawned then.