Reddit AMA (Tuesday 13th)


I still don’t even know who that is and what this image is supposed to tell me, no matter how often it’s posted…:thinking:


He’s from a show called Mythbusters


Ah, okay… and, uh, how is that relevant? Like, is this a meme I never heard about before and need to know the show for to understand? I find that facial expression also not very clear in conveying whatever it is trying to convey (I look very stupid right now, I suppose…).:sweat_smile::see_no_evil:


As far as I know, it’s not a widespread meme; maybe it’s just an Eika special. I normally interpret it as some combination of “lol no” and “I will treat this post with all the seriousness it deserves”.


This is also my interpretation.


We’ll be increasing the level cap on Masteries to 1501 on PC/Mobile to match the console version. For those (many) of you already above that, we’ll distribute any points you’ve already earned across your current levels to bring them into par with each other.


1501? Probably misstype?


Nope, 1501. Otherwise you end up with one point shy of an even distribution :slight_smile:


Any way we could redistribute points? Cause on console sometime i click too quick on the a button and when i get level up then it distribute it to the first choice, so my color masterie are not equal :slight_smile:


Seconding the request for a “redistribute” button. If I ever get to level 1501, it will surely have taken so long that mis-clicks and plain forgetfulness will prevent me from having perfectly even masteries. At least what I have now is close!


Currently we don’t have any plans for it.


Could support do it with a ticket? Considering how rare the request would be.


So no spoiler for us console folk? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


While it wouldn’t be impossible, we’d prefer to explore the option of letting you all redistribute them yourselves. Our support team gets busy enough!

@VenusBlue: There will be new troops and game modes! :stuck_out_tongue:


@Alpheon that response reminded me of myself and brought a tear to my eye.


a la Tresure Hunt (i.e. with new mechanics) or a la Guild Wars (i.e. variant of PVP)?


Thanks for another sign that leads me to believe 3.3 will be out this week. :crossed_fingers::blush:


I actually giggle snorted. :rofl:


For anyone that needs a little help getting their masteries even, this post shows the order of options that cycles through. With this, and a little planning, you can get and keep your masteries even.


Yeah i know bro but when i click too quick it distribute it to the first choice and since brown is never the first choice this is my lowest :slight_smile: