Reddit AMA (Tuesday 13th)


We are going to be shaking it up next week by running a Reddit AMA for our Dev Q&A instead of a livestream.

First thing’s first, you can find our Reddit here: (We will of course link to the thread when it goes live.)

The illustrious Sirrian and Nimhain will be active on the Reddit for an hour and during this time will answer questions. Please be aware that they can’t answer everything due to time and information that might be in flux or confidential. They will be in the thread On Tuesday morning at 11 AM AEDT which is 7 PM EST Monday night for one hour. There will also be four questions which I will put in the main thread that they will answer straight away that you are welcome to springboard off.

I look forward to seeing everyone there!

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3.3 Feedback and suggestions

Can’t join the Reddit AMA, so I will ask here and hope that someone will pass along the question:

With the release of Shentang, all the obvious spots for kingdoms are taken. What plans are there for placing additional kingdoms? Is the code already in place for more kingdoms with 3.3, or do we need to wait for 3.4 before we can get the kingdom after Shentang?


@Grundulum They completely removed all the borders from the entire map a half year ago, I would assume this would let them wedge in as many Kingdoms, wherever they want.

But I’ll ask something along these lines for you, if I’m on.


i think there’s still plenty of room for kingdoms !
I don’t want to dilute Q+A focus even more by yet another method to contact the devs, in this instance the totally unnecessary reddit. IMO that’s what the official forum should be for. If people want to ask things about gems of war you would expect the official forum to be the place.


So we can’t ask question in advance? This reddit site is so random i don’t like it


Question for the AMA: In which “unpopular-chaotic-evil” site will be hosted the next AMA? 4chan? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Jokes aside, let Salty and Cyrup try it out, maybe some “reditters” will ask relevant things we would also ask, we play the same game after all.


That’s our hope, Ivar! We will likely go back to the stream Q and A after the Reddit one. We just want to shake things up a little. (And I’m in Sydney this week, so…)


please implement a tribute collect timer!!


Reddit is banned in my country :frowning:


Are you North Korean? :open_mouth:


should be banned in all countries xD


Hello everyone, I’m really sorry to announce that we will need to cancel our Reddit AMA. Things are very hectic in the lead up to 3.3 and our illustrious leaders will be too busy to make this as thorough as we would like. As of now we are postponing this and will announce a new date in the future.

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience and I will give you information on the next Q&A as soon as it is scheduled.


What about some spoilers to compensate?


Some spoilers will hopefully be arriving tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Can I get gems instead as compensation? I promise I won’t read the spoiler!


^ I’m pretty sure this is the kind of post Eika would respond to with Jamie Hyneman and his walrus moustache.


Who? What?


Paging @Eika to post Jamie and his moustache…




Oh no this man again.