Recently, in Zaejin

Atlanta limped into a bar, apparently having fought a battle of epic proportions.
“Any chance for a cup of water?” she asked. “Got no money, just this treasure map to trade.”
The barkeeper showed pity, knowing fully well to distrust treasure maps signed with ‘Marid’. “Stroke of bad luck?” he voiced the obvious.
“Spent three days cleaning vermin out of some supposedly loaded mushroom forest. Poison and disease everywhere, no loot to be found, guess I was misinformed. Sorry about the smell”, she added apologetically, “can’t afford a bath right now.”

Scarlett walked into the bar, folding back her hood.
“I’ll have a beer, please”, she said, flipping a gold coin towards the barkeeper.
“So, how’s it going with the wolf people?” the barkeeper inquired, skillfully catching the gold coin while filling the mug.
“Not much hostility lately. Had some time to collect mushrooms for my grandma, sold the rest. Didn’t really pay off”, she admitted, shrugging, “got some good combat pratice out of it though, one day I’ll make a good Warden after all.”

Sparkgrinder entered the bar, a Puppybot eagerly bouncing around his legs.
“Barkeeper, one round of ale for everyone!” he shouted, handing over a small pouch of gold coins.
“Must have been busy month” the barkeeper wondered, most of his attention focused on counting coins. “New invention?”
“Not really, stumbled into some weird mushroom patch”, Sparkgrinder explained while petting his Puppybot. “Didn’t bother to explore, imagine my surprise when Puppers here went rummaging around a bit and came back with a pile of valuables!”

There was a loud commotion outside as a heavily loaded wagon trail arrived.
Tyri jumped off the front wagon, picked up one of many bags and strolled into the bar.
“Hey, barkeeper, I’ll take the bar!” she exclaimed, casually spilling a king’s ransom worth of diamonds on the counter.
The stunned silence was only broken by the barkeeper, who barely managed a “What? How? Raided Emperina?”.
“Nah”, Tyri replied, “I was responsible for handing out compensation to some mushroom forest explorers. Suckers.”


I think you selected the wrong category. :slight_smile:

Well, it *is* supposed to be game feedback. :smirk:

Feels more like a Story.

Loved that one @Fourdottwoone !

That was great!

I vote for @Fourdottwoone to pick up the Lorekeeper that Sirrian dropped off :+1:


This is the best gripe thread I’ve ever seen, especially since it’s confused a lot of readers haha.

1 gold coin for a bitter, a wee bit expensive. :slight_smile:
Copper, silver, gold, bags, box, green and red chests, vault, but only treasure map connoisseurs would know :wink:

Cool story 4.21