Memories of the great hunt

It was a rainy night as I went upstairs to visit the attic. On my way up the stairs I took a glimpse out of the window and was just barely able to see Kurandara and Zuul wandering on the backyard. Living memories of the great orb hunt.

After opening the creaky attic door I nearly tripped over, because of all the useless traitstones lying around the floor.

As I started gathering my treasure maps for the fireplace the feeling of something watching made me turn around, but as there was no one else present I continued collecting the maps. Then a quiet whisper filled the room

  • what about me?

I turned around and saw a dim light in the corner of the attic, it was a power orb. Carefully I lifted the orb from the floor.

  • what about me? She asked again with a tier in her eye.

  • Why not throw me in the fire? At least I would have some use like them.
    She was looking at the treasure maps with heartbreaking sorrow.

-You are too priceless for that. I answered.

-What is it worth being priceless, if you feel useless.

Words that made that dim light go blurry in the eyes of this great warrior.

I quickly put the orb back on the floor and rushed towards the door. Before closing the door turned around and muttered
-your time will come.

For a moment, that dim light got brighter before it faded away.

Did I just lie to my dear old friend?

As i was throwing treasure maps to the fireplace, the echoes of a whisper still haunted my mind.
What is it worth being priceless, if you feel useless?


Is there any plans for the power orbs in the future, I liked hunting them?