Just asking, has this gem helped you mentally?

I couldn’t find how to do a poll. I’m just interested has anybody found this game therapeutic for suffering with mental issues, from depression to whatever



So, for quite some time, I was dealing with vision loss due to rather severe retinopathy/neuropathy.

Though designated as “legally blind,” I was encouraged by the ophthalmologist to engage in activities that would stimulate the retinas.

Searched for something and stumbled upon Gems of War, and it suited the need.

What’s kinda funny is that back then, I couldn’t really play the standard portion of the game, as my poor retinal health made it nearly impossible to discern between certain mana colors… blue :gem_blue:/ :gem_green:green and brown :gem_brown:/purple :gem_purple: were ostensibly indistinguishable. Found Treasure Hunt, and nver “looked” back. :slightly_smiling_face:

And, even funnier is that after numerous procedures/surgeries, my vision has been restored somewhat, and I still just play Treasure Hunt.


Having a game to grind/be completionist about gives me some goals to strive for, y’know? And it feels great to meet those goals.

Being a guild leader has helped tons. I have to keep to a schedule to keep things running, and having a schedule stops me from just moping around doing nothing. I’m on disability, don’t have a job. So being GL is sort of a “job” for me. I take it seriously, I enjoy doing it.

Seeing my guild members thrive and succeed in the game makes me feel great. Proud guild papa feels.


I am autistic and have had a hard time socializing. This community has really helped bring me out of my “shell” and learn how to have better interactions with people. I even met my girlfriend through Gems.


Now that’s a story! :heart_eyes:

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Let’s mess up the line of feelgood stories a little.
Hi from another autistic, isolated wreck. I’m playing this game since almost exactly eight years. While it was a nice casual fun in the beginning, that I could sink an afternoon and evening in, when I felt like, and skip for a few days, if I did not, it has steadily turned worse.
It has grown, adding more “content”, providing more reasons to play. Which means, I can’t fully control the intensity anymore, but am required to be active, when I am told so by the game.
Gnome weekends like the last one are the worst.

Add in the constant impression, that changes are only done with the players in mind insofar, that they are meant to make them pay, and that development actively does not care or listen, and it turns quite frustrating.

I don’t mind monotonous activities. There were many years in my life, when I played more Minesweepers than all of my other games combined. If the game had reached a point, where it would feel like a finished product, no matter how meager in size, I’d have been fine with it.
Distractions, that allow you to let your thoughts flow, while keeping your fingers busy, are great. That’s why I absolutely love jigsaw puzzles (virtually as well as physically).

A game as a joyless habit, like it feels over the last few years, is not optimal. A game as a job, that I feel forced to do, is worse.

In a different game, I hit my mental limits once the hard way in 2013, when I planned 12-14 hours a day around the ingame schedule. After a month, I started getting… “weird”. Another two weeks later I pulled the plug.
I don’t want to go there again.

Someone above mentioned positive social experiences. I’m lucky to be among nice folks too currently, but it just does not feel like the place to create bonds to me. Too much to do to spend time purely on chatting. There are explore runs waiting.
From what I see, it’s nice to have a good talk, but once people have left, I’ll forget about them eventually.

This game has not helped me mentally.
So far, this game has not harmed me mentally either. I try my best to keep it that way.

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