Realm of the Undead, top 100 guild.All tasks completed weekly. Come chill with us. No event requirements, no gold expected until kingdoms levelled . You dont need discord. You just need to have fun! CLOSED FULL


Come chill with us
One spot available, grab it quick :sunglasses:


I thought you had to be a vampire or a mummy or a zombie to join this guild.


Helpful but not required, we are a non discriminatory guild. You just have to be chill :sunglasses:


Chill like the Ice Wraith?


Hmm, being The Queen of The Realm and all I want to say Queen Mab but more chill like Frost Archer :sunglasses:


We have one spot open, grab it quick :sunglasses:


Join our chill guild and play with the cool kids :sunglasses:
Level 200 or higher preferred
No gold expected until all kingdoms levelled


We have one spot available


One of our long term members has decided to take a break. We are sad to see her go.
We have one spot available for level 300 or higher
Come play with the chill guild :sunglasses:


Let our masteries power up your teams


We complete all tasks weekly.
Have fun with a competitive yet relaxed guild
Looking for two players level 300 or higher
Requirements, be active and communicate through guild chat or LINE chat group
No gold expected if levelling kingdoms


Come play with the Cool kidz :sunglasses:
Two spots open
PM me if interested or have any questions


Two spots available
Prefer level 300 or higher but will consider lower levels if you wear :sunglasses:


We still have two spots available
Bracket 12 GW


Join us now and reap the rewards next week


We have just welcomed a new player to our awesome team.
We have one spot left


It’s my birthday today.
I would like to celebrate by having a new team member for my guild.
Join and make my day :sunglasses:


Happy Birthday! :tada:


Hey there, invite code RASPYUTIN here, used to be in The Witchers and Kronos, had a solid reputation, but quit about 9 months ago for school and work. Back and ready to go! Almost level 1100 (1091), all kingdoms level 10, and I routinely contribute 1500 seals, 100+ trophies, and 500k+ gold. I’m fairly active with the events, although its’ new for me to learn the invasions, towers, etc. I’m not used to all the new stuff. Currently in a guild that just isn’t cutting it.


Sounds great
Lots of players can help you with the events if you like
Not mandatory but we have a chat group on LINE, great group of people.
Invite sent.
Welcome to The Realm